Ukraine round-up: Conflict overshadows G7 summit

Ukraine round-up: Conflict overshadows G7 summit

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Russia fired dozens of missiles at Ukraine for a second day, hitting Kyiv and many other places, as Western leaders prepared their next moves against Moscow.

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A Kyiv apartment block was destroyed, killing at least one and wounding six others including a seven-year-old girl. It was the heaviest barrage on the capital for months.

A large blast crater was gouged in a nursery school playground near the nine-storey block, whose top floors were ripped apart.

Ukraine says 14 missiles were fired at the Kyiv region, but the strikes extended far beyond the city. Other areas included the central city of Cherkasy, where one person died, and the north-eastern Kharkiv region.

The Russian defence ministry said high-precision weapons struck Ukrainian army training centres in the regions of Chernihiv, north of Kyiv, and Zhytomyr and Lviv west of the capital. The BBC was unable to verify details of the strikes beyond Kyiv.

Unity on Ukraine - but also anxiety
Leaders of the G7 group of industrial nations gathered at a castle in Bavaria, southern Germany, facing tough decisions on the Ukraine crisis.

At the three-day meeting they are expected to promise further military support for Ukraine and impose more sanctions on Moscow.

But as BBC diplomatic correspondent James Landale points out, recently some policymakers in Europe have questioned how far support for Ukraine should go, while others have discussed their long-term relationship with Russia.

Spotlight on Ukraine at Glastonbury
Ukraine left its mark on the world-famous Glastonbury Festival in England, the BBC's Mark Savage reports.

Beatles legend Paul McCartney showed his solidarity with Ukraine by waving the country's flag during his performance.

The Ukrainian winners of Eurovision, Kalush Orchestra, were among those praising the star for his support.

They and another Ukrainian band - folk quartet DhakaBrakha - performed at the festival, helping spread their message of resistance.