The loss of genes allows vampire bats to survive by feeding on blood alone.

While bats have been closely associated with vampires for centuries,

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Gene losses allow vampire bats to live solely on a diet of blood | Engadget


Although slot bats have been closely related to vampires for centuries, only three species of bat actually drink blood. Most of them eat fruit, insects, nectar, and small animals such as frogs and fish instead. Blood is low in calories. While rich in iron, protein, and more,

making it a terrible and terrible food source, a team of scientists has now discovered why and why the vampire bat species is the only mammal capable of Can live by eating only blood.Comparing the genome of a common vampire bat to 26 other species.

Scientists have found 13 genes in blood-sucking mammals that are no longer active or missing. Three losses were reported in another study published in 2014, all showing reduced taste perception in vampire bats. The loss of the remaining 10 genes is a new discovery, according to the team.